The Chairman of the United Christian Leaders Eagle Eyes Forum (UCLEEF), Pastor Aminchi Habu said what Nigeria needs in 2019 is a leader and not a ruler. He spoke at a news conference held in Abuja on Thursday during which he also announced that his group had declared a 30-day prayer and fasting to stop President Muhammadu Buhari from winning the 2019 election. Habu said this was because Buhari has nothing to offer the country.

In a statement he read at the press conference, he said, “The president knows that he has nothing to offer this country. So, he should just maintain his integrity by keeping to his word of doing only one term. “He failed already, and will surely fail again because nothing will change. It will still be the same group of people. Just because engine oil makes a car run smoothly doesn’t mean it can revive an engine that knocks.

“The president is not a leader anymore but has turned into a ruler. A leader put his people first while a ruler only thinks about himself. Right now, Mr. President is not thinking about the masses but himself only. He just wants to remain in power and not you serve this country, because he cannot,” he said.

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