Indications are widespread over why Acting President Yemi Osinbajo will not be able to stay away from the country for too long.

In Ethiopia, for the 29th ordinary session of the African Union, the Acting President did not spare the luxury of over staying as he rushed home from the union’s meeting.

Also he practically cut short his visit to ailing President Muhhamadu Buhari in London last week.

Osinbajo had visited Buhari last week and conferred with him for no less than one hour and flew immediately back to Abuja, Wednesday morning to preside over the Federal Executive Council meeting.

However, real reasons uncovered by Nigerian Pilot Weekend concerning these hasty returns have been traced to alleged perceived instability in the country arising from unending regional agitations and fears of losing out in a long orchestrated alleged plot to unseat him.

Insider sources told this paper that the state of the nation was highly tensed for two Presidents to be away at the same time, no matter the reasons or motives that necessitate such foreign trip.

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It further gathered that day-in-day out security agencies are analyzing security trends in the country and are of the opinion that the nation is highly volatile.

This situation which was confirmed by a retired operative of the Department of State Security Service still close to security circles in the country, attested to scrutiny of reports of the disturbing trends, though the coup scare aspect has been denied by the Army Chief, General Buratai.

On the political side, attention is said to be given to actions and utterances of high political office holders in the country, particularly those holding top offices in the Villa as well as the National Assembly members.

Raising an instance, this paper gathered that the Senate, Magu unending saga, which recently brought a new political twist on the leadership ownership of the country, is another kite that is being flown again to test the murky political waters.

In a motion moved by Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, over the powers of the Senate to confirm executive nominees, he had made allusions to the Acting president’s absence.

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He said during plenary, “I simply want to bring the attention of this chamber and all Nigerians and to ask the question. The Acting President is the person who is at the head of government now, but we have a serious problem in Nigeria today. We have nobody in Nigeria who is at the head of government “Abaribe said

Still speaking on the principles of debate of his motion, the Abia lawmaker, added “the law and the procedure and all laws in Nigeria states that you cannot have a vacuum. Today, the Acting President is outside the country and so there is a vacuum,” he said.

Further reinforcing Senator Abaribe’s position, his colleague and Senator Kabiru Mafara, cited a senate order to buttress the point.

Citing order 54(4) of the senate standing rules, Marafa said, “The constitution is very clear, if the President is out of the country, the constitution is clear as to who is the head of government. If the Acting President is out of the country, the Senate President is the next in line of succession” he said, a development which later saw, Abaribe and Marafa during plenary, asking Saraki to replace Osinbajo, an offer he vehemently turned down when he ruled them out of order with the gavel.

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Though the Senate President as it were is the 3rd in command in Nigeria leadership strata as enshrined in the nation’s constitution, feelers from inside Aso rock are said not to be comfortable with the occurrence on the floor of the Senate, especially at the involvement of an APC senator from the North and zone as the current ailing president who is becoming increasingly incapacitated and holed up at the Abuja, London house, where he is currently recuperating fast according to the Acting president.

“These unstable political condition of the country accounts to why the acting President is uncomfortable staying away for too long outside the country. 





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