Following the demand for Biafra by the South-East, President Muhammadu Buhari on his return from the U.K after his medical vacation stated categorically that the country’s unity under his watch is not negotiable.

But many people in the Southeast and some part of the South-South who think otherwise are demanding for a referendum to determine if Nigeria is negotiable or not.

According to reports, on the 7th of October, a Facebook page known as Al Jazeera Africa (which has confirmed to be linked to real Al Jazeera website) took to their official Facebook handle to encourage Nigerians who believe there should be a referendum for separatist groups such as Biafra to comment with the hashtag Biafra Referendum (#BiafraReferendum).

“The Nigerian government led by former military dictator General Muhammadu Buhari has categorically stated that the country’s unity under its watch is not negotiable, whereas fellow citizens in the Southeast and some part of the South-South think otherwise. “If you’re a Nigerian, and you believe there should be referendum for the separatists, comment #BiafraReferendum, share this post on your wall with same hashtag.

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Al Jazeera Africa however, cleared the impression it is trying to conduct a referendum, saying it lacks powers to conduct a referendum, but that the poll was a genuine exercise to get the opinion of those who support the call for a referendum.

“Addressing the misconception on purported referendum been conducted by Al Jazeera Africa “On October 7th, Al Jazeera Africa agreed to thousands of requests sent to its inbox to get the opinion of Nigerians on the call for a referendum by the country’s separatists.

“To this effect, Al Jazeera Africa urged those who support the legitimate call for a referendum in Nigeria to comment and publicise the #BiafraReferendum [Hashtag]

“NOTE: It is no way a referendum poll given the fact that such cannot be conducted just on the social media and even if so, Al Jazeera Africa lacks such powers, but a genuine exercise to get the opinion of those who support the call for a referendum by the ‘missing’ pro-secession leader, Nnamdi Kanu and if necessary the attention of the right body for such exercise in the West African nation.”

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Editor’s Note:
My good citizens, please don’t let any fool jilt you into believing that Nigerian is ripe for secession. Nothing good comes out of it.

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