It is quite stale news that drinking more water would make your skin glow. Most of us even already know that we should be taking an average of 8 glasses or ~ 2.5L every day. The challenge however is how to chug down eight 8-ounce glasses of water down our throat every single day.

Our body organs need water to function properly, and our skin is not an exception to this rule. Without water, the skin begins to look dehydrated and may become tight, scaly or flaky which makes it more prone to wrinkling.  Drinking water however improves the circulation of blood and nutrients round the body which gives you an overall more radiant look. Now, I’m going to share with you, 7 ways to drink more water for a healthier skin and more importantly a healthier YOU!

1)  PEP UP YOUR WATER!: Water can be pretty plain and boring but who says you can’t add some flavor to boost its taste and meet your daily-required intake. There are so many ways to make your water more exciting. Add a squeeze of lemon/lime or freeze some tangerine slices and use as ice cubes. You can also just drink tea (brew green or white tea and then chill it). The final one we want to share is to just mint it. Cut some mint leaves and leave it to steep in water before drinking. Feel free to get as creative as you want with this if you get your required water intake every day. Just make sure the flavor isn’t more than the water haha!

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2) CLOSE AT SIGHT: Water bottles are so essential for everyone. Try and always have a bottle of water with you everywhere you go. This way, even when you start feeling those hunger pangs; you would most likely reach for that water before you find food. Looking at it alone would raise the chances of you reaching for it. Get a colourful/attractive bottle too.

3) TURN UP THE HEAT: Add some extra chilli or horseradish to your meal and trust me, nobody would prompt you to chug that water down. Haha!

4) EAT YOUR WATER: There are so many fruits and veggies that are mostly made up of water. These include watermelon, strawberries, celery and others shown above. Include these foods in your diet and watch the difference in your skin.

5) YOUR MOBILE PHONE: Yep!There are apps such as Aqualert on iPhone and Waterlogged on your Android that help you monitor and complete your daily water intake.  The apps customise your required water intake based on your weight and lifestyle be it sedentary, active or even during pregnancy. Cool right!

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6) COOL OFF WITH IT: Trust me, hardly would a day go by without somebody (random or known) getting on your nerves.   This may sound funny but anytime someone blows your fuse, just reach out for your water bottle and drink “in his or her face!”.Hey!… two birds with one stone. You calmed yourself  down and you DRANK MORE WATER- Get yourself a humidifier as well – check the best humidifiers review

7) THINK OF THE DOLLAR: I don’t know about you but the dollar seems to be affecting EVERYTHING at my local market even food :O Sometimes, just replace that pina colada with water at the restaurant and save yourself some naira.

I cannot overemphasize how important drinking ENOUGH water is to your health but I’ll leave you with the following  points. Aside keeping your skin hydrated and beautiful, drinking water reduces your risk of heart diseases,helps you lose weight and keeps you healthier in general.  I hope these tips help you, help yourself DRINK MORE WATER.  Stay hydrated friends. Till next time.

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